Prachi in Course to Make Her Dream Come True

Ms Prachi Sunwar 26 is heading towards her most dreamt destination; to become a tempo (a three wheeler vehicle that ferry passengers in Nepal) driver and ease her life. She wants to steer her life towards sustainable source of income; adopting driving profession.  

Prachi’s dream has been materialized to some extent. She has completed one month long tempo driving training by the support of some generous people, explored and bridged by Youth Vision.  She has also accumulated certificate from the driving training institute and is preparing to obtain driving licence from authorized government agency.

Prachi who serves as night Warden at Female Residential Program in Youth Vision expressed her grieves; lacking qualification, skills and sustainable source of income to run her family and guarantee quality education to her son. She had expressed keen interest and determination to run life smoothly perusing tempo driving. She had also requested us to help her financially with enrollment.    

Considering her grievances, YV produced and provided a brief case study of Prachi to potential sponsors which fruition cash worth 6500 and In-kind contribution 5000 from the City Driving Center, Lalitpur where she took the training.

Prachi who happens to be a drugs user for nearly one decade suffered lots of pain and miseries in her life.  She says “there is no pain left for me to experience”. She borne husband’s betrayal/polygamy, hardship in garment industry to quench the lust of her husband in gambling and drugs and the desperateness which pushed her to dance bar, cabin restaurant and ultimately submerged into drug addiction  and drugs induced crime and imprisonment. Now she also bears Hepatitis C. 











In our recent conversation, Prachi extended big thanks to her sponsors and YV. She said “I used to tremble in drug and breached all the trust, but after the training I have learned to safely ferry people to their destination and gained opportunity to gain trust again.