Oral Substitution Therapy(OST)

Youth Vision (YV) is providing OST (Opiod Substitution Therapy) using Buprenorphine to nearly 200 drug users in Nepal. YV run OST program has been a significant tool to minimize injecting drug use and HIV induced by injecting drug use, hepatitis B & C and other blood borne diseases. The OST is also reported to contribute to minimize the drug induced crime and stabilize and prosper the socioeconomic lives of the OST's beneficiaries.

Low Cost Community Based Treatment Program

Youth Vision has run Low Cost Community Based Treatment Program in different districts. It is a 15 days detoxification and treatment program run in demand and collaboration of communities and stakeholders.

Post Rehabilitation Center

Youth Vision has been running Post Rehabilitation Center (PRC) in Birgunj, Parsa. In PRC, people currently recovered from drug use are learns life skills along with relation building, behavior change communication (BCC) and decision making.


Youth Vision has been providing short term and long term treatment services to target group. The short term is a 15 to 30 days and long term is a 30 to 90 days detoxification and treatment program.

Publication and Advocacy

Youth Vision has been publishing several reading materials. The purposes of these publications are to share the issues, intervention and progress on drugs and HIV. Similarly, the publications also aim to do advocacy to protect and promote the rights of people who use drugs and people living with HIV. YV has been conducting advocacy campaign to entrench the rights of target communities by conducting meetings, workshops, interactions and producing magazine, documentary, T-Shirts, stickers, posters and other IEC materials.

Training and Capacity Building

Youth Vision has been running training and capacity building programs for its human resources and partner organizations to ensure the effective facilitation of services. YV has been providing HTC, Prevention, M&E, Client Management, OIs Management and Prophylaxis, Treatment Preparedness etc in coherent to standard curriculum. These trainings have also enabled several government and non government implementing partners and stakeholders. YV has been capacitating staffs, partners and stakeholders considering the innovation and the challenges of the issues.

Income Generating Activities

Youth Vision has been running income generating activities. It comprises printing press, semi organic farming and women business programs. These activities have introduced multi facets benefits. In one hand, it has empowered target groups with skills and offered employment opportunities whereas in other hand it has generated resource for the sustainability of the project. These income generating activities have also been meaningful to make target groups self reliance and to deter them from relapse.

HIV Care and Support Services

Youth Vision has been providing residential and home based facility for supportive care for those who are under ART and managing opportunistic infections. It has also interlined these progrdam with state’s programs in terms of VCT, STI, PMTCT, CD4, Viral load, ART, family planning etc.


The prevention program focuses on the positive behavior change of target community. It enhances their access to achieve a positive health impact. Youth Vision has been catering these services: reduction of harm and HIV transmission to I/DUs, PLHIV and most risk population through referral and raising awareness on the availability of the existing services.

Outreach Services

Outreach service is an integral part of Youth Vision’s project. YV has been providing outreach services in its all project areas: Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Nawalparasi, Parsa, and Rupandehi districts. Competent Peer Educator, Outreach Educator, and Supervisor provide Information Education and Counseling (IEC) materials, condoms syringe and alcohol swab and medication services to it’s target population at targeted hotspots. Youth Vision also mobilizes outreach mobile van to cater services to increasing target communities within the Kathmandu valley. It also applies one to one counseling and group contact approaches to provide accurate and complete information to the targeted groups.

Production and Dissemination of IEC

Youth Vision has produced IEC materials on drugs, HIV and blood borne diseases. Those materials have primarily highlighted on the coping measures on drugs and HIV. YV also produces innovative IEC materials foreseeing the need of target population. As a result, it has produced pocket-sized reading materials on safe injecting behavior and abscesses management which is highly liked by target groups. Considering the need of target population YV has widely disseminated those materials from field based outreach and existing drop-in centers. IECs produced by YV have also been an asset to likeminded organizations.

Syringe Exchange Program

Injecting drug use has been a major gateway for the HIV, Hepatitis B/C and other blood borne diseases due to the prevalence of sharing of contaminated syringe among drug users. Therefore, Youth Vision has been implementing Syringe Exchange Program to deter the spread of contamination from one drug user to another. YV collects used syringe and provides new syringe through its static and mobile clinic and outreach programs within the Syringe Exchange Program. The Syringe Exchange Program has contributed significantly to minimize the threats of growing blood borne diseases among its target groups.

Awareness/sensitization programs for preventing drug use and HIV infection

Youth Vision has been conducting awareness programs on drugs, HIV and blood borne diseases like Hepatitis B/C. YV primarily run awareness program for people who use drugs, PLHIV and most at risk population on drug use and HIV. It ensures the meaningful participation of the nearest stakeholders: parents, guardians, teachers, security personnel, media persons, government agencies and students in those programs.

Comprehensive Harm Reduction programs

Youth Vision has been providing comprehensive harm reduction program through OST using Buprenorphine, Outreach with NSP, PHC, dissemination of information and education related materials, drop-in center, linkage with other essential services and condom distribution. The harm reduction services are targeted to prevent the injection related infections and injuries which include HIV, hepatitis B/C along with other blood born infections. At present, the harm reduction services are being delivered from Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Nawalparasi, Rupandehi and Parsa districts

Treatment and Rehabilitation Program

Youth Vision has been implementing an innovative drug treatment and rehabilitation program from more than two decades in Kathmandu and extended to Parsa and Rupandehi districts. YV has been providing free rehabilitation service to the marginalized female drugs users from Putalisadak, Kathmandu for last two years.