Oral Substitution Therapy(OST)

Youth Vision (YV) is providing OST (Opiod Substitution Therapy) using Buprenorphine to nearly 200 drug users in Nepal.  YV run OST program has been a significant tool to minimize injecting drug use and HIV induced by injecting drug use, hepatitis B & C and other blood borne diseases. The OST is also reported to contribute to minimize the drug induced crime and stabilize and prosper the 
socioeconomic lives of the OST's beneficiaries.  

YV was proud to be entrusted by Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) as a first civil society organization in Nepal to implement Buprenorphine based OST program since 2007 to 2015. YV was rewarded with the consent to run this program following series of vigorous advocacy and lobbying.  

YV has devised scientific mechanism to operate the OST program successfully. More, the biometric enrollment and dispensing as well as web based recording and reporting applied by Youth Vision have been an reported ideal in terms of OST service delivery. 

The trend of replicating our system is also rising in Nepal. It has also been effective to enhance the access and reduce the risk having it's merit to ease the service referral and deter the duplication and misuse.