YV was established in 1985 as a non-profitable, non-government, and non-political organization to serve people who use drugs and people affected by HIV and AIDS. In Nepal, Youth Vision (YV) is viewed as a pioneering organization dedicated to minimize the drug use and drug induced HIV. YV is devoted to protect and promote the rights of PUDs and ensure essential drug demand reduction and accessibility and availability of harm reduction services to its marginalized beneficiaries. 

YV has been offering comprehensive services such as OST based on buprenorphine pharmacotherapy, prevention services, needle exchange, with primary health care, inpatient drug treatment and rehabilitation services, HIV care and support and income generating programs and referral to existing relevant services. YV has been providing these services in seven districts viz., Kathamandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Parsa, Makwanpur, Rupandehi and Jhapa.



To achieve a stigma and discrimination free society/Community towards Drug Users & PLHA by protecting their rights, creating supportive environment, proper health care and empowerment for people using drugs and infected and affected by HIV & AIDS, congeal the rapid drugs use, HIV transmission and create awareness among the Youth, society and community for preventing HIV/AIDS transmission. We are confirmed in our resolve to achieve our goals.



Youth Vision aims to increase the quality of life of drug users and PLHA by empowering them with positive attitude and providing a caring and supportive environment where they can live with dignity and pride. YV is also dedicated to prevent the risk of drug abuse and HIV to the most of the risk-prone population.



Empowering affected and infected of people who use drugs and people living with HIV and AIDS to take control of their lives for an improved health and socio-economic well being.


Our objectives are enumerated as follows.

  • To facilitate for the protection  and promotion of human rights of people who use drug(PUDs) and people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHAs)
  • To ensure access to effective and qualitative comprehensive services to people who use drug and PLHAs
  • To improve the quality of life of PUDs through harm reduction activities
  • To facilitate and support PUDs and PLHAs for treatment, rehabilitation and social integration
  • To integrate drug use, HIV & AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis and sexual reproductive health issues for services linkage
  • To facilitate and support civil society and media action to change societal attitudes towards  drug use, HIV & AIDS,  Sexual Reproductive Health, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis
  • To Integrate HIV with Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and other blood borne diseases to minimize the risk of opportunistic infections among PUDs and PLHAs

To facilitate to improve the living standard of PUDs and PLHAs through drug treatment, comprehensive care including income generating activities