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April 25 will forever be known as a dark day in modern Nepali history, but the perseverance and unity of the Nepalese has been the silver lining amidst some pretty dark clouds. Hope lives on in the hearts of the survivors. However, as we cope with our losses and trauma, we need all the support we can get.

Youth Vision—an organization that has been striving to create a drug and HIV-free society since 1985—has created the 'Youth Vision Earthquake Relief Fund', which aims to provide immediate relief to communities drastically affected by the earthquake. So far, it has provided shelter and primary health care to nearly 500 people in Baneshore. Its staff has contributed one-week's salary to the fund—tentatively worth $2300. It has mobilized its team, a mobile van, and many volunteers at the ground level to better assess the needs of people. As of now, we are concentrating our efforts in Taumadi area of Bhaktapur, with the aim of providing one nutritious meal a day, medicine, basic sanitation, and shelter to 500 people. These numbers can be scaled up in the coming days with your contribution.

If you are in Nepal and have enough resources to ensure your own safety and well-being; if you are a Nepali, a well-wisher or a friend living abroad; if you believe in humanity and would like to contribute to the restoration of human dignity, please extend your support to the Youth Vision Family as we help communities help themselves. Donate in any way you can or lend a helping hand. Fifty rupees can feed a hungry belly. Two hundred rupees can feed an entire family. To ensure the transparency of your funds, we will be posting your donations online and updating you on our activities daily.

To donate:

National Donor International Donor
Name of the Bank: Nepal Investment Bank
Account Number: 00401010257800(Current Account)
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT
Account Holder/Name: Youth Vision-FR
Address of the Bank: Pulchowk Branch, Lalitpur, Nepal
Telephone Number of Bank: 5010188, 5010042
Fax of Bank : 5010142
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To contact us:

Office Number: 977-015000264
Contact Person: 977-9803183411, Rewati Raman Dhakal (Communication and Fundraising Officer)
977-9851054910, Rajendra Thapa (Executive Program Manager); 

We hope you are with us at this moment of need.